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ClearPoint 11-Day Healing Cleanse Program™


The ClearPoint 11-Day Healing Cleanse Program™ is a program that giudes you through a carefully formulated combination of freshly made juices, dietary and nutritional protocols, advanced supplementation, homeopathy, Chinese & Western Herbs, Yoga and naturopathic cleansing protocols. The Cleanse is a completely natural process which supports the body’s own capacity to eliminate metabolic and xenobiotic (industrial) toxins, while simultaneously working to nourish cells and re-establish the body’s cellular integrity…


During the Cleanse, toxins are released from deep within the body and efficiently eliminated. This is not a laxative based program.  At the end of the program, you can continue healing with a new perspective, a more informed understanding and a greater respect for your body and its ability to heal and restore itself!


For the first  two days, the primary concern will be eliminating poor eating habits and focusing the diet on highly nutritious food. This focus in itself, for some, will be the most difficult aspect of the Cleanse. For others it will be simple, you may already eat very well.


An important Chinese medical tenet states that it is best to tonify first, and then disperse. And of course, true to Chinese medicine, the opposite is also valid. We will do the former. Even though it is essential for us to eliminate toxins that have built up in our systems, it is equally important that our eliminatory systems can handle the degree of toxic expulsion we activate.


Therefore, on Days One and Two of The ClearPoint 11-Day Healing Cleanse ™, our food, Chinese herbal formulas and most of the other supplements are primarily tonic or strengthening in nature.  The organs being focused on are primarily, kidney, lung, spleen and heart. The primary actions are balancing the Spirit and nourishing the blood, Qi, Yin and Yang.


In the next section, Days Three through Six, we will begin the dispersing action. We will especially be working to cleanse the liver during these four days. In Chinese medicine the Liver organ/energetics is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi in the body.


The liver is also responsible for the smooth flow of emotions, activity and spiritual expression. The particular emotion associated with the liver is anger. Old anger turns into resentment; old resentment can turn into rage or depression. The liver exerts a profound influence on digestive functioning as well as emotional processing and stability.


In Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach control the digestive functions. The liver directly affects these organs. Therefore, the liver is an important organ that controls our ability to receive smoothly, with proper timing, and let pass.


This includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our expression. From a biochemical perspective, we will focus on the livers responsibility of detoxification and control of free radical damage through a variety of enzymatic activities (primarily phase 1 and 2 detoxification pathways).


These will be a pivotal four days for you because the success of these days allows you to fully set in motion the accessing, processing and elimination of old stuck energy. The herb and food changes for these four days are formulated specifically to reflect the support and cleansing of the liver. The yoga, Liver Flush, ColoSan, Master Cleanser, specific supplements, and optional challenges such as wheat grass juice and enemas are essential to this endeavor.


Freedom begins with completing the past and becoming present. With this in mind, Days Seven, Eight and Nine focuses on cleansing the colon which along with the skin and lungs (its associated organ) are the primary organs of elimination. Once you access and process toxins and old emotions (Days 3-6), elimination is very important (Days 7-9).

The process during Days 7-9 reflect a support for the digestive and eliminatory process. The use of Colo San concentrates this effort. Even though the whole cleanse has an umbrella consideration of parasite elimination, eating all green vegetables along with the use of Colo San provides the proper environment for a deep cleansing. The full potential of eliminating parasites will be realized in these three days.


It takes more than eleven days to eliminate parasites and if you suspect parasites are a major concern for you it is important to continue a parasite reduction program after the Cleanse. Ask your health care provider for a parasite follow-up program. For those of you that have a difficult time releasing old things that no longer serve you, these three days will support you in being able to let go more effectively.


On Days Ten and Eleven, which are similar to the first two, are formulated to support and enhance the cleansing that has taken place. These days also serve as a re-entry so that your system, which has been sensitized, can properly begin to reintegrate a broader spectrum of food without being shocked.

The last two days are an essential aspect of the Cleanse. The appropriate re- entry is important in order to experience the maximum benefit. The herbs are once again tonic and strengthening in nature and there is a de-emphasis on cleansing and the focus is on appropriate nourishment.


Many people, especially those doing the Cleanse for the first time, find the Cleanse very regimented. At first this is a difficult adjustment, however by Day Two or Three, people find this structure very supportive.


One of the big questions that beginners frequently ask is, “What do I do after the Cleanse?”


For those of you in this category, I offer a customized Follow-Up Program. Please call to discuss a custom follow-up program for you.

The cost of the Clear Point 11 day Healing Cleanse is $305 plus shipping.


Even while you’re doing your best to take care of yourself, life in the 21st Century can take its toll. Think about it. Exposure to industrial toxins, pesticides, preservatives, electromagnetic devices such as computers, cell phones, TV, etc. are greater then ever. World events are perplexing and challenging…

Over time, you may have learned to live with a little less energy. Stress has left you feeling tired by afternoon or perhaps you’re not sleeping well. Maybe you have a chronic health problem that you’ve just learned to live with! This is the time to turn things around from the inside out and that is precisely what the ClearPoint Healing Cleanse Program ™ is designed to do!

Healing Yourself – Feeling The Flow


  • Preventative medicine is your best health management insurance;

  • Nourish yourself at the deepest level with nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and traditional Chinese herbs

  • Cleanse & Balance your body with proven natural remedies & homeopathic principles;

  • Utilize acupuncture to release energetic, emotional and spiritual blockages. Regain your health and enjoy each & every day!

Depending upon the state of your health, one or several different forms of treatment may be recommended. Treatment programs will vary in duration from person to person. Some patients may need only occasional visits, while others who have been experiencing illness or imbalance for years may require a longer treatment program.

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Robert Abbatiello, L.Ac., Dipl. AC (NCCAOM) will be helping you to set realistic goals that will enable you to naturally ease into renewed levels of health and vitality. These may include vitamins, minerals, homeopathics including genesis essence remedies, herbs, isopathic medication, specific nutrition protocols, acupuncture, or lifestyle modification such as exercise, meditation or yoga. Click here to read more about Acupuncture Services.

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