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Nutrition and Cleansing

The Greatest Medicine is prevention…The Best Cure is Found Naturally!

“My son William and I would like to heartily recommend Robert Abbatiello’s 11-Day Healing Cleanse ™! At first, we were unwilling to consider the cleanse for so many reasons – food restrictions, cost, inconvenience, duration, bad timing – all for an unknown outcome. But then we got my son’s toxicology results back – highly elevated mercury & lead levels. Having concerns with chelation treatment, we knew it was time to try the cleanse. We found it was well-structured, easy to understand, comprehensive and most importantly – effective… A month later, we re-tested William’s metal levels and the mercury had dropped by 50% and the lead by 25%! Our western doctor, although skeptical at first, was impressed with the results. At the end of the cleanse, we felt strong, clear & healthy. We will continue to use Robert’s cleanse to maintain health and eliminate from our bodies the toxins that unfortunately are an unavoidable part of living in our world.”

– Lee Ann W.

“Hello and thank you for having worked out such a great cleanse!… I really loved it !!!!!!… When I finished yesterday, I was very energetic and went walking up the Bronson canyon, something I do usually but I didn’t even realize how much faster I was going till I was back down again in half of the time! Those are just a few things and there are so many more like having kick started the fat loss (I lost 5 lb.). Last but not least, this time I took for myself got me to slowdown and observe my life better from an exterior view point.”

– Barbara M. (Italian actress)

“Robert has been supplying me with supplements for some twenty years. He changes them now and then and I follow his guide closely. I am fortunate in having good health and in being able to exercise daily. I am sure he has been a reason for the continuing of my health well into my eighties.” (June 2017)

– Edie Lauderdale

Edie turned 90 years young on February 22, 2018!

"I am writing to let you know what a great success my supplement regime has been under your care. I came to you with severe osteoporosis after taking the drug Femara following treatment for breast cancer. At that time, I was under the care of another naturopath who was very helpful during my cancer treatment, but her recommendations of high doses of calcium did not seem to be helping with the osteoporosis. When I came to you, the approach was completely the opposite of what I had experienced previously. You recommended supplements to reduce inflammation, rather high amounts initially, and to add high doses of vit D3, and to stop all calcium not derived from my diet. You explained that too much calcium actually creates inflammation in the body and bone will not grow or maintain health when the body is in a state of inflammation...

Gradually, after beginning your regime, I began to feel better. I also added a walking exercise program, and all along I have been teaching yoga as well. And I am vegetarian. I work as a physical therapist and was surprised when a client, a man my age who had been a lifelong soccer coach and referee with that high level of physical activity, also reported that he had very bad osteoporosis. He was driving to Boston to receive care. When we compared notes, we were under similar treatment programs, his from a team of MD's and mine from you. He had noted improvements and I was still new to this course of treatment...

The endocrinologist that I was referred to suggested that I would experience "appreciable bone loss for the next ten years" after taking Femara for only a few months. I remained optimistic as I was feeling better, and waited for many years and many bone scans to see the results. I did not take any of the common medications for osteoporosis that she suggested to me...

Now, ten years later, my most recent bone scan showed that I actually no longer have osteoporosis, and only have some osteopenia in my right hip. I think that indeed may also improve. I am happy to say that you helped me tremendously and I am grateful for your guidance. I strongly urge other people with osteoporosis to consider working with you to recover from this devastating disease. I believe that many other people can make improvements in their bodies with careful supplementation and diet and exercise. Thank you so much for your guidance and insight."

– Sally Morgan PT CST

“After 11 years of doing a cleanse every spring & fall (and trying several well-known cleanse programs), I always choose Robert’s cleanse now. It does a fantastic job of eliminating toxins while building body strength. I always feel great on this cleanse.”

– Holly H. (healer)

"As advertised, the 11-Day Healing Cleanse ™ was a transformative experience for me. It was actually fun! I liked the fact that the cleanse had a spiritual basis & inspiration, something which enhanced what is seemingly only a physical experience. After years of feeling sluggish & un-energetic and being told it was normal for my age, I was thrilled after the cleanse to feel light & energetic – better than I had felt in ten years… Simply put, I feel more alive.”

– Monica L. (pianist)

NeuroClear ©

The Greatest Medicine is prevention…The Best Cure is Found Naturally!

"I originally found Robert while looking for an alternative source of help for a friend, but with his extensive knowledge & skill, he has helped keep my heart healthy and my immune system strong to minimize the effects of food and chemical sensitivities. With acupuncture and an ongoing herbal & supplement schedule, I feel great…"

“In my case, one of the most helpful of Robert’s skills is the use of NeuroClear © to find & clear emotional triggers that have compromised my health and kept me mired in old patterns. I strongly recommend NeuroClear. Robert helps me stay balanced & healthy by addressing my whole being.” – Shirley R.

Another NeuroClear Testimonial… “WOW. Living in the awakened state without that trauma [after my NeuroClear © treatment] is – well – wonderful. You are a gifted teacher & healer, your work is clear and extraordinary. The impact is profound & life changing.”

– Edward

Yoga Instruction


The Greatest Medicine is prevention…The Best Cure is Found Naturally!

“The Yoga Workshop is a great introduction to Yoga – or a great refresher for someone who wants to get their practice back on track. The open ‘no pressure’ climate combined with ‘gentle prodding’ to integrate your practice into your daily life was a nice balance. Most important, the workshop was a catalyst for achieving overall wellness.”

– Neil Y. (Charter Oak Consulting Group)

Another Yoga Testimonial… “I have almost completed the 8-week yoga class that Robert teaches. I can honestly say that it has been fantastic for my body & mind as I feel more flexible, stronger and more free of of tension than I have in many years. As a former hatha yoga teacher, I must say that Robert’s style makes the classes incredibly informative, deep & enjoyable. He has a great sense of humor and also tells wonderful & inspiring stories that he infuses into each class. Please try his class… you’ll love it.”

– Dave R.

Another Yoga Testimonial… “I have really enjoyed the yoga classes led by Robert, despite my own personal initial apprehension regarding my ability to participate fully. The postures are progressive & challenging and I have noticed a great increase in my range of motion & relaxation since class began. Robert’s teaching style is easy to follow and he incorporates what the class requests. Robert makes yoga accessible & easy to incorporate into a regular healthful routine. His warmth & personal experiences personalize the class and make the time fly by.”

– Glenn G. (lawyer)


“Not being someone who typically enjoys exercise, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy Yoga and have incorporated it into my daily routine. I really like the emphasis on body awareness and feel I’m taking another step toward becoming a healthier person.”

– Cletha R.

One Family's Story

The Greatest Medicine is prevention…The Best Cure is Found Naturally!


"Robert Abbatiello the most effective health care practitioner that I’ve worked with in my 57 years. There seems to be no end to his knowledge of health problems and ability to treat them successfully with a variety of holistic methods. I first met Robert in 1986 when I was living in the Boston area.  I woke up one morning and couldn’t lift my arms over my head. Nothing like that had never happened before and I wasn’t sure what to do. My boyfriend Mike (now my husband of 25 years) suggested I try acupuncture. I found that Robert had an office down the street from where I lived. After one treatment (acupuncture and massage) I was fine after a few days.


Mike and I both went to him a couple of times and found that he was very effective. We moved around a lot over the years and ended up in the Pioneer Valley. Last October when my face started to break out in a rash, I was glad to discover that Robert had an office in Florence. I went to see him and it turned out I had rosacea (I’d never even heard of it). Everything I read online about rosacea said there’s no cure for it. Robert knew just what remedy to give me and it improved quickly. After a few weeks, it was pretty much gone. I’ve also had a rash behind my ear since after a car accident in 1992. Medical doctors have told me after all this time it probably won’t go away. It was red and itchy most of the time. I had tried everything to get rid of it but nothing worked. At my first visit Robert told me we’d get rid of it, but it might take awhile. He has given me a number of supplements for my skin and slowly over time it has healed. At this point the skin there is smooth and soft and not itchy at all.

During all this time of my skin irritation, my cat had fleas. This had been the case to varying degrees for the last five years, since we’d lived in our house. But for some reason, the fleas started biting my face, so that was another problem to solve. I was against using chemicals on my cat or the house, not wanting to cause other problems. I searched the internet for solutions. I tried Buck Mountain Parasite Dust. It helped quite a bit, but made the house very dusty and it’s not good to breathe. I tried some natural spray on my cat, which seemed to kill fleas, but the smell was strong and my cat didn’t like it. Robert sent me a link for some products on a web site called Whatever Works. One of the products was Flea Away. It’s basically a vitamin pill that makes the cat (or dog) smell different so they don’t attract fleas. After giving it to my cat for over a month, my cat stopped having fleas. I was combing him 5 times a day. Now I just comb him once a day. He hasn’t had any fleas for about 2½ months, and we’re already into the summer season when they usually get bad. I also used Victor Flea traps, and that helped get rid of them in the house. It was a nightmare dealing with all that, and being done with it is such a relief.

In addition to helping me with these more extreme issues, my work with Robert has helped my overall energy. Using kinesiology (muscle testing) Robert is able to determine which foods, supplements and treatments will benefit me most. With regular treatments (including acupuncture, craniosacral, and neuroclear), dietary changes and a variety of supplements, my health has improved significantly over the last six months. When my father-in-law died a couple of months ago, Robert did one neuroclear and it really helped me with the grief. When I came down with a virus a couple of times, I went to Robert and he gave me an herbal remedy that knocked it right out. Instead of being sick for a few weeks it was gone in a few days. Whenever I have needed an appointment quickly, Robert always fits me into his schedule.

Since my husband has been seeing Robert, he too has had significant improvements in many different areas. My Mom came with me one time recently and Robert helped her fine tune her supplements and stop taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication. She told me she’s been feeling more energy since then. Robert really cares about his patients and has proven to be a very effective and dependable healer. He is the only person I’ve ever really trusted with my health."

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The Greatest Medicine is prevention…The Best Cure is Found Naturally!

“When traditional Western medicine let’s you down, it’s so nice to know that there’s another alternative with Chinese medicine, acupuncture & herbs. I initially started seeing Robert for very painful sciatica that was bothering me even after having back surgery. After my first session, I felt pain relief in my back and my leg. I continued with Robert’s ClearPoint © acupuncture & supplements and am now almost pain free…

“Robert makes me smile and from the start, he helped me feel comfortable about trying this new way of healing. His positive outlook & sense of humor keep bringing me back. When was the last time you smiled in the doctor’s office?…

“Through acupuncture sessions & the use of various herbal supplements, Robert has helped me with allergies, PMS symptoms, digestive issues and even the common cold! He also solved a serious problem with my thyroid. The NeuroClear © technique also helped me deal with some emotional stressors & fears. Robert truly has the gift of healing!”

– M.C.

Lyme Disease

The Greatest Medicine is prevention…The Best Cure is Found Naturally!

“When I first came to see Robert, I had been dealing with Lyme Disease for 5 months including 4 months of frustration with increasingly stronger antibiotics and nothing to show for it. My activity level was down near nothing because my knee was so swollen that I had no range of motion and a horrible limp…


“On a recommendation from a friend, I went to Robert and was quickly put at ease. Robert’s demeanor and easy-going style made me confident from the start that I had come to the right place. The results were dramatic and quick…"

“Within the first couple of sessions, the swelling in my knee was cut in half and I felt great. Within 4 months, I was running, playing soccer and almost back to normal. Robert found the right combination of acupuncture & supplements to get me healthy and keep me healthy. My turnaround has been nothing short of incredible!”

– Bill P.

“After not sleeping well for months – and without finding a solution from other acupuncturists or herbalists – a friend referred me to Robert. He was able to immediately find a solution for me. Within two days of his treating me, I began sleeping well and have continued to do so for months since. Hot flashes have stopped, my mood is balanced, I sleep very well and have more energy.”

– Hope (age 56)

“Feeling the debilitating effects of Lyme Disease and then Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on top of that, I used the Healing Cleanse Program ™ to aid in my effort to ameliorate the physical & psychological damage both had created. Its safe to say that not only did the cleanse provide a clarity which lifted my spirits but more importantly, it pointed me into a new holistic direction to how I eat and how I treat my body… Though I’ll always have to battle this chronic condition, I feel truly blessed to have this new direction in my life. Wouldn’t ask for anything different to happen! Now that says something and Robert is to thank specifically for that realization. On top of that, the ClearPoint © acupuncture style Robert uses and the NeuroClear © treatment he’s created are immense resources!!”

– J.K.


The Greatest Medicine is prevention…The Best Cure is Found Naturally!


“I have known Dr. Abbatiello for close to 30 years and I have not only witnessed him helping others on many occasions, I have experienced his abilities firsthand, as I have been the recipient of his knowledge & skills as a healer throughout our entire relationship. Two things I know for sure: one, Robert’s intention to facilitate health & healing in people is a thing of beauty – a gift to any & everyone who comes to see him; and two, I can honestly say that in matters of health, he has never – not once in all the years that I have known him – given me bad advice…"

“Good advice flows from him like water flows down a forceful river, and the water is always clear, the advice always concise & accurate. There is much Robert has to offer. His knowledge of the human body and human condition is vast & impressive. Usually, anything I ask him about he knows what to do to help remove or alleviate the problem…

“He does this all in such a way that demonstrates that which is the core of his being and that is Robert is here to heal. This is no joke business. It is his mission in life. Dr. Abbatiello is a rare man. I cannot speak highly enough of my respect for Robert’s ability as a healer. Yet the success of a healer is not a one-way street. What is required for real success is the responsibility of both the healer and the patient/client. Robert is well aware of this…"

“With regard to Robert’s ClearPoint 11-Day Healing Cleanse ™, I have to say that it did my body a world of good… Robert has done his homework and created a cleanse that goes deep on many levels, both physical & spiritual. Every detail is clearly presented & easy to carry out. Everything that can be done for you, he has done…

“All that is required is that you follow his instructions. The herbs and supplements are all separated & shipped in individual plastic bags labeled by day and time. The booklet which accompanies the ClearPoint Cleanse is full of well-presented information, pictures and recipes… I feel blessed by Robert’s presence in my life.”

– Jack S.

"Robert Abbatiello is an exceptional healer. He is truly holistic, and he helps his clients get long-term results. In working with Robert for nine months, I’ve made great progress in improving my mental clarity and energy, as well as reducing the amount of sleep I need. These problems have been burdens for over 30 years! I am 57, and feel better than I remember feeling in my 20s. In addition, before I came to Robert, I saw an MD for epididimitis, a painful swelling in the scrotum. The MD prescribed heavy-duty antibiotic, which causes all kinds of negative side effects. I didn’t want to go that route. Robert treated it successfully with herbs. Robert is truly caring, listens well, and works with all aspects of health: nutrition, emotions, biochemistry, energetics, and spirit. I enthusiastically endorse Robert’s services!"

- Michael Kolodny

“[Robert] really cares, knows his stuff, has integrity, wants to & does give 110% and is funny & real… He knows how to test EVERYTHING.”

– Deb W.

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