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NeuroClear ©

NeuroClear is a trauma/emotional release technique developed by Robert Abbatiello, L.Ac., Dipl. AC (NCCAOM). NeuroClear is concerned with finding the original, archetypal trauma and/or other unresolved traumas and clearing them. NeuroClear © can be utilized to resolve anxiety, manage PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and release old thought & emotional patterns.


These negative and painful subconscious thought patterns can sabotage and prevent you from being authentically in the present, creating interference from the past. Simply put - "The problems that you have now can only be fixed with the same mind you had when you created them!"



NeuroClear enables you to correct your neuro-programing and puts you on course towards resolution of your problems. The only way you can correct your neuro-programming is by accessing the emotional & mental configuration at the time the "imprint" or programming was created. During a trauma, your brain records and stores the experience along with a conclusion - or, even a lack of conclusion - pertaining to the meaning of the experience. Not just the experience itself.


An emotional abuse or trauma (especially one that is repeated) may leave one with a negative impression of oneself.  For instance, that one is not good enough or does not deserve love. This concept of oneself is then applied to all similar situations & produces the same very painful experience over and over. It is unconscious and unavoidable.  Only by correcting these erroneous thought patterns can one be free to live a fulfilling life unfettered by the past. NeuroClear is something to be experienced, it is not an analysis or complicated extended therapy.

Acupuncture for Emotional Stability, Trauma Prevention and Treatment

Acupuncture is part of an ancient medical tradition that originated in China and is an integral part of primary health care for hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide. Unlike in Western Medicine the Mind - Body - Emotional connection is an integrated part of Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is an effective therapy for a broad variety of emotional and mental health conditions.


Acupuncture has been utilized all over the world specifically for stress and trauma reduction, helping to reduce the suffering of millions of people affected by disaster, conflict and violence, as well as substance dependence.


Research in the past decade has shown that acupuncture is a helpful somatic therapy that rebalances the brain after significant stress, as well as the nervous and hormonal systems. Acupuncture treatment, especially shortly after exposure to traumatic events, can help prevent the development of post-traumatic stress (PTS). With more extended treatment, acupuncture can also restore resiliency for those who suffer from long-term PTS.


Research shows that acupuncture can help a person cope with the stress factors that contribute to the use of addictive substances and need for pharmaceutical medications. By reducing the psycho-physical challenges that getting off of addictive drugs and medications presents, acupuncture can assist those that are in the process of healing and living a drug free life.


Robert has completed the Acupuncture Without Borders course in Healing Community Trauma: Doing Acupuncture in the Field for Traumatic Events

Esoteric Acupuncture

Esoteric Acupuncture (EA) works simultaneously on the physical as well as the etheric and other subtle energies. With esoteric acupuncture only the gentlest insertion is necessary to establish a connection and obtain the maximum benefit. EA is formulated to clear emotional disharmony, elevate the consciousness, balance the chakras and open the heart. The concept of harmonizing Shen or Spirit is a key aspect of the healing process, allowing heart and mind to function together with clarity and purpose. Healing at this level works to awaken, direct and balance the flow of the subtle energies of mind, emotion and body thereby supporting the healing process at the deepest level. Read more about Acupuncture Services.

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