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3 Styles of Supplement Fatigue

It is not uncommon for a patient to express to me their sense of supplement fatigue. I myself often look at my numerous bottles of supplements and dread going over to the counter and counting them out getting ready for my pre-meal ritual – 3 capsules drink, 3 capsules drink etc.

Supplement fatigue seems to come in 3 basic styles :

  1. Early onset Supplement Fatigue – This is based on the notion “I never wanted to take supplements in the first place and when can I stop”. This is the hardest fatigue to combat because it is based on the false premise that we don’t need supplements to be and stay healthy. Lets face it, the food chain is broken. Even organic food uses water that falls from a less then organic sky. The food industry has engineered most of our food to be “mouth feel” as opposed to “cell healthy”. So why and how long do you need to be taking supplements for to stay healthy? How long do you keep needing to keep brushing and flossing to have healthy teeth? Same answer.

  1. Thinning Wallet Supplement Fatigue – This is the most common fatigue of all. Based on the fact that every month we cut a check for medical insurance so why should we pay for something our doctor doesn’t think we need. Well, if the car repair industry suggested you didn’t change your oil or rotate your tires would you stop doing it. Probably. And then the big repair bills come and the wallet is even thinner. Your Doctor and Big Pharma knows if you take care of yourself you won’t need them and most likely you will be keeping all those “spare parts” they like to remove. Where to invest your hard earned cash? Ask your Gallbladder or your tonsils or your appendix.

  1. I get it but I just don’t want to take anything today (and maybe tomorrow) Supplement Fatigue - So you get it! You recovered from some health disaster your doctor said they didn’t know what it was or it couldn’t be fixed without drugs or surgery. You got your life back and realized that the money you’re spending is making your life better and more enjoyable. You take every pill like its Popeyes magic spinach! Then all of a sudden one day you go to count out your morning octane boosting fuel pills and you get underwhelmed by the event and wonder to yourself – “do I really need to take all this crap today?” Sometimes you need a break. Even your favorite food day after day starts to be less then you favorite food after a while. I recommend pulsing your supplements. (consult your prescribing practitioner) Skip a day or a weekend every week, you may find it brings back the “magic”.

But when all else fails I think of one of my patients that has been a stalwart supplement imbiber for the many years I have had the pleasure of serving as her healthcare provider. Every month or so for the past 20 years Edie calls, we talk about her newest adventures in travel and activities. We adjust her program when needed and she orders her supplements. I’m always amazed at how active and resilient she is. So when all else fails and I’m staring down my supplements with unwarranted distain, I think of Edie’s commitment to her health and how it has benefited her after all these years. And I say to myself and you, it’s worth it – just do it, because the springboard to a great life is your health.

“Robert has been supplying me with supplements for some twenty years. He changes them now and then and I follow his guide closely. I am fortunate in having good health and in being able to exercise daily. I am sure he has been a reason for the continuing of my health well into my eighties.” (June 2017)

– Edie Lauderdale

Edie turned 90 years young on February 22, 2018!

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