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Drain the swamp! Cleanse your Body!

A time for Cleansing? Throughout history ancient cultures have utilized fasting and cleansing as a way to heal, rejuvenate and maintain a sound mind and body. so people may think that they were just old school and they had nothing better to do without TV or cellphones. And maybe pharmaceutical medicine has made taking care of our health obsolete. Better living through chemistry!

Or maybe they had the secret that could save us from ourselves.

When I started providing cleansing programs for my patients more then 30 years ago practically no one had even heard of such a thing. Now ever health food store, celebrity and supplement company has a cleanse that you can do.

The gradual build up of toxins over time is now more then ever a reason to consider what a Cleanse can do for you. The environment is clearly more toxic then ever- thousands of tons of petrochemicals are being dumped into the air, onto our crops and into our water. Our primary healthcare providers are prescribing more and more toxic medicines which are not only harmful to those that take them but also to the water supply that washes them out of our bodies and into our water ways.

Many of the environmental safeguards that were put into place over time have been wiped off the books. And we face an ever increasing risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases from inhaling and ingesting theses unregulated toxins.

Are we powerless? Perhaps the environment is until Washington stops making laws which benefit chemical interest groups. Until then we are going to be sucking it up (literally) So what power do we have to save ourselves? What we can each do for ourselves to ameliorate the damage of toxic exposure as we live from day to day?

The ancient way may be our saving Grace. Make your body Great again! Cleanse now and regain your health. If you want to know more click here.

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